TK-Bau is your partner for reinforced concrete construction

Reinforced concrete is the most commonly used building material in Germany. In the solid construction method, all components, such as foundations, floor slabs, walls, ceilings, etc. are created with reinforced concrete.

Our reinforced concrete builders or formworkers produce formwork, reinforced concrete reinforcement for the various components through technical understanding and craftsmanship. In-situ or precast concrete - no problem for us.

Stahlbetonbau aus Minden

Reinforced concrete - we can do it!

Structural elements in cast-in-place concrete are a matter of course for our experienced reinforced concrete engineers. Whether it is ceilings, stairs or other components, they are implemented with technical understanding and craftsmanship.

Types of reinforced concrete

Different types of concrete can be used for reinforced concrete construction: Fiber concrete, self-compacting concrete, waterproof concrete, exposed concrete, etc. We always use the type of concrete that fits your requirements.

Reinforced concrete in residential construction

Reinforced concrete is excellently suited for solid construction. Our highly qualified employees and the use of state-of-the-art construction technology ensure expert execution of reinforced concrete in all areas of your shell construction. Whatever building project you are planning, we will be happy to provide you with our advice and expertise.

Reinforced concrete in industry

We offer you high-quality and professional execution of reinforced concrete work, both for industrial and commercial buildings. We will gladly accompany you competently through all conceivable processes and advise you professionally on the implementation of your project - with measures tailored to your planning needs.


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