TK-Bau is your partner for masonry works

We build massive interior and exterior masonry walls from various types of stone - KS, aerated concrete, bricks - with small and large-sized stones, as well as facing masonry walls from clinker bricks, and perform all related ancillary services.

Installing steel girders, supporting walls or ceilings, relining foundations - our experienced bricklayers can handle even the most complicated tasks without any problems.


Highly qualified bricklayers with many years of experience continuously deliver high construction quality. The results are smooth processes, planning and cost reliability as well as high adherence to schedules. This enables us to realize demanding shell construction concepts efficiently and cost-effectively.

Various applications

We produce professional interior and exterior masonry and facing masonry for any type of residential and commercial buildings. Our commitment is to provide you with clean and high quality construction work on the shell of the building in a timely manner.

Facing masonry

Facing masonry is a so-called exposed masonry in which the bricks remain visible on at least one side. Both single-shell and double-shell designs are possible. We manufacture high-quality facing brickwork from clinker bricks and carry out all associated ancillary services for you.

Masonry work in stock

Underpinning foundations, creating wall openings and installing steel girders - our experienced masons carry out even the most complicated tasks without any problems. From checking the statics (stock) to creating a new statics and carrying out all work, we accompany you through the entire process.


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